Solutions for your business

commercetools offers a highly flexible commerce platform that supports the diversity and fast pace of modern retail. With its API-first approach that decouples frontend user experience from backend processes, commercetools is the perfect basis for a wide range of B2C and B2B application scenarios – from classic webstore frontends to highly individualized shopping experiences across all retail channels and on all current and future devices.


Omnichannel is the single biggest incremental revenue opportunity in modern retail. commercetools enables merchants to integrate all channels, offer seamless, customer-centric shopping experiences and manage all from a single application.

Content Commerce

Inspiring and informing customers with high-quality content is one of the most important strategic decisions for fast-growing merchants in the coming years. On top of enabling efficient product search and secure checkout processes, they need to create attractive shopping experiences to increase customer engagement and loyalty. commercetools is the ideal base for ambitious content commerce implementations, offering ready-made connectors to most major WCM systems.