Aleri Solutions GmbH

Solution Partner

aleri is a trustworthy service provider for individual ebusiness solutions. Our projects and ways of working are marked through a high professional approach,  high methodological competency and the implementation of technologies. 

We create maximal value for the business of our clients. Our credo is our claim: Excellence at work!

We are all in for a focussed portfolio:

Solutions for ecommerce - excellent, SME driven ecommerce-solutions. We look for your solution, you look after your business!


DESIGN. DELIVER. DRIVE. Our aim is to picture the whole cycle for your ecommerce solutions: 

+ starting with the DESIGN-Phase (planning, analysis, conception),

+ over the DELIVER-Phase (Implementation, quality insurance, roll-out)

+ till the DRIVE-Phase (support, running, management).

We combine deep product experience with a broad experience of generalists. 

Trentelgasse 4
45127 Essen